MAP: The Mine with the Iron Door

The Mine with the Iron Door Bookmap

Our interactive map for Harold Bell Wright’s The Mine with the Iron Door is our first of what we hope will be many that focus on mapping several locations from a single work. Expanding on the architecture of the Daily Spots map, this project introduces some new elements including polygons and lines to mark different types of features, and the organization of locations based on their significance in the work.

One of the challenges in making this map involved the locations mentioned during the chase scene near the end of the book. Wright frequently identifies landmarks, usually mountain ranges, that the characters are traveling past. I chose to mark the landmarks themselves but draw the line of their path closer to where he described them going, south of the Tortolita Mountains, for example. This makes logical sense but is less aesthetically satisfying.

This is not the type of book that I have typically read, but the way I found it and the fact that it was set close enough to my hometown that I could visit most of the places mentioned in the book made me enjoy it a great deal.

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