MAP: Los Angeles Literary Map by Warby Parker

Los Angeles Literary Map by Warby Parker

The Los Angeles Literary Map by Warby Parker (, is a clean, visually delightful map that identifies a handful of locations in the City of Angels with literary significance.

The map is well laid out with a range of locations despite its brevity. There are numerous quotes from authors, including Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler, and Joan Didion; along with descriptions of hangouts frequented by William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway; and even a pointer to the final resting place of Truman Capote and Ray Bradbury. While the map is hardly a comprehensive look at the rich literary history of Los Angeles, it presents a quickly viewed and engaging synopsis of some of the city’s literary highlights, all with a few of Warby Parker’s stores marked too.

This use of a literary map first intrigued me. Most literary maps are created, or at least supported by, an institution such as a library or university; there are several created by newspapers; and, traditionally, tourism groups have produced such maps to attract visitors to an area. This is the first map I have seen by a company not directly involved in publishing or tourism. Warby Parker is a unique business; however, and the literary “cool” projected by this map fits its image.

In any case the map is an excellent example of attractive design. The company has produced a number of similar maps: Upper East Side, Downtown Manhattan, and Boston. Each one is equally concise and visually appealing.

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